What is MetaHome?MetaHome is a virtual universe. New lands and houses are being created on this universe. You can choose 3D houses for your lands that you will buy and evaluate, put them on your land and sell them.All of these buying and selling transactions are done with MetaHome Tokens.
How To Buy?You can buy MetaHome tokens from exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Poocoin. You can buy MetaHome tokens from land and 3D houses on MetaHome Metaverse.You can track the amount and current value of MetaHome tokens in the "Balance" section at the top right of the page.
MetaHome LandsChoose and buy from hundreds of plots, with active plots available for purchase, and not yet opened plots. Choose the 3D house that you will put on the land you will buy and add the one that suits your style!Buy and manage your own place. Choose the house you want or upload your photo. Your land, your decision!
MetaHome 3D HousesMetaHome 3D houses you can use on Metaverse. Buy the one you like among hundreds of houses and place it on your land. New homes will continue to be added. Keep watching!Updates will be made as new houses are added. Don't forget to check!